Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1. Why should I inform my health care provider of taking a Physician Select Vitamins supplement?

Ans: Nutritional supplements offer specific benefits - but only to certain patients. Simply put, not everyone needs one, and some people may even be better off without them. Sorting out which supplement might realistically benefit a given individual has become a confusing and frustrating process. The market place is filled with false claims, worthless ingredients, possible side effects, and the potential for interactions with prescription medications. Safe, effective use of a nutritional supplement is best achieved after a thorough review of your medical history, and discussion of the pros and cons with your treating health care provider.

Q2. Why should I provide a PIN number ?

Ans: With a PIN from their health care provider, ensures that a patient had the benefit of discussing our products with his or her doctor prior to start using them. In addition, it allows us to notify your health care provider that you are currently taking a particular nutritional supplement, so that your health can be monitored for related outcomes.

Q3. Does my health care provider receive a commission for referring me to Physician Select Vitamins?

Ans: No, your health care provider does not receive a commission for referring you to Physician Select Vitamins.

Q4 . Does my health care provider have any financial relationship with Physician Select Vitamins?

Ans: Like most health care companies, public or private, we count many health care providers among our investors; your particular health care provider may or may not be among our investors. Whether your provider is or is not among our investors, we remind you that your health care provider has made the choice to refer you to a Physician Select Vitamins product based on what is clinically appropriate for you as a patient.

Q5. Are Physician Select Vitamins supplements safe?

Ans: Absolutely. Physician Select Vitamins are formulated by our Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of practicing physicians representing various specialties. The first and most important decision that the Scientific Advisory Board makes is whether the product formulations are safe. If the board does not agree that a product is safe, it is not produced.

Physician Select Vitamins supplement contains exactly what is stated on its label, there are no contaminants or other ingredients that are not listed on the label, and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), which are established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), have been met during the production of the product.

Q.6 What is the return policy for Physician Select Vitamins products?

Ans: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you may return unused supply of Physician Select Vitamins within 90 days of purchase. We will refund the entire purchase price including shipping and handling charges. No questions asked.