Our Belief  

As stated in our mission statement, Physician Select Vitamins® strongly believes in preventive care, which we feel will result in the overall lowering of health care costs in America.

Prevention through innovation is the primary focus of our company.

Treating the terminal stages of a disease is far more costly than preventing it. This is true for the association between cancer and smoking cessation, strokes and high blood pressure control, and for the chronic complications that people get after they suffer from their initial heart attack or from poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.

Physician Select Vitamins® goal is to organize, associate, and galvanize a caring group of healthcare professionals in local communities throughout the U.S. to work towards a common goal. Our underlying philosophy is to enable the healthcare industry to reduce costs, increase eficiency, and to make an impact on the macroeconomics of healthcare dollars; the eventual goal is to keep Medicare and other forms of healthcare insurance viable and productive for the coming generations of Americans, rather than succumbing to its eventual decline and subsequent termination. Unfortunately, healthcare expenditures will continue to increase as the baby boomers and subsequent generations join the Medicare eligible population age. Many solutions have been proposed and set forth in motion, but they are primarily fiscal in thought.

The Physicians and Support Staff of Physician Select Vitamins® feel that despite these proposed solutions to increasing health care expenditures, they alone will not achieve the results needed and desired by the populace. Almost all women and men desire more than just to remain disease free; they desire an active and energetic lifestyle.

And so our goal becomes not just to prevent disease and to consume less healthcare resources with hospitalizations and medications, but rather to improve the overall quality of life. This is the ultimate goal of Physician Select Vitamins®, albeit lofty.

To achieve this hope of ours, the Physicians and Support Staff of Physician Select Vitamins® designed a solution called "The Triangle of Health."

The Triangle of Health consists of exercise, nutrition, and personal inspiration. There is significant statistical data that proves that patients who follow the boundaries of this "Triangle" are much healthier than the people who do not. These people tend to live longer with an enhanced quality of life, and consequently require a smaller percentage of that precious healthcare dollar.

Physician Select Vitamins® also believes that the focal point in healthcare is launched from the physician's clinic. The physician's clinic should be a source of information and inspiration for the patient to learn about an appropriate diet and exercise plan. Stratifying patients based on their health is the first and foremost responsibility of the physician. After prescribing a regiment of proper diet and exercise, it may become prudent to begin initiation of supplements as the next step.

Recent research in a leading medical journal confirms what has long been suspected, that "Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone." In addition, as mentioned in the article, "it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements." Furthermore, "Physicians should make specific efforts to learn about their patients' use of vitamins to ensure that they are taking vitamins that they should…."

Supplements play an enormous role in the appropriate functioning of our physiological systems in numerous and various ways. There is an enormous amount of research that underlines the importance of the use of supplements to maintain good health. The people of Physician Select Vitamins® have gone through great lengths in assembling a team of Physicians from a variety of specialties, all of whom collaborated to create the most appropriate and calibrated formulations of nutritional supplements that follow the philosophy and guidelines set forth in our mission statement. These supplements will be dispensed only through health care professionals who are committed to these goals.

It is our sincere hope that these supplements will serve as a vehicle to stimulate the formation of a network of physicians and health care professionals throughout the country and in each local community, that will be linked by Physician Select Vitamins® with a common goal of promoting preventive medicine, increasing the quality of life, and eventually saving the future of health care expenditures, all starting at the door of your local physicians' offce.

It is our belief that even if we are able to keep 10% of the population healthier, the positive impact on healthcare cost will be astronomical. Physician Select Vitamins® will continue to attempt to play a vital role in the sustenance of healthcare in the U.S. through the propagation of good health and prevention of disease through personal inspiration and motivation, exercise, and proper nutrition.*

Physician Select Vitamins®, L.L.C

Fletcher RH. Fairfield KM. "Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults." The Journal of the American Medical Association 2002 Jun 19;287:3043. The Journal of the American Medical Association neither endorses nor approves any commercial products or services.

* The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.